Bollicine Baby Clothing Laundry Detergent by Helan – 33 loads. Certified Eco Organic, Dermatology Tested. 1000 ml – 33.38 oz.Bollicine Baby Clothes Detergent is made with easily biodegradable, vegetable based surfactants. Indeed, the formula itself, as well as its biodegradability, packaging and labelling, have all been verified according to the standards set by the ICEA Eco Bio Cleaners board.How to use it: HAND WASH: for the best results, blend the suggested amount of Detergent into clean water and let the laundry soak for about 10 minutes, then wash, rinse without wringing and let dry far from sources of heat. Respect the maximum water temperatures suggested for fabric being cleaned. MACHINE WASH: use as you would any other detergent, pouring the proper amount in the appropriate compartment before setting the desired wash cycle. 1000 ml – 33.38 oz.