NEW and EXCLUSIVE! Masterfully hand crafted and hand painted in Deruta Italy.

RAFFAELLESCO: Among the most popular and enduring Italian majolica patterns, the classic ‘Raffaellesco’ traces its origin to 16th century, and the graceful arabesques of Raphael’s famous frescoes.
The stylized dragon of the central motif was reputedly painted first by Raphael, a master painter and architect of the Italian High Renaissance.
Raffaellesco is a benevolent deity who bestows good luck and fair winds to seagoing merchants, thus the puffs of wind steaming from the dragon’s mouth.
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Size (inches): 5.5: WIDE X 2.5 DEEP X 6.5 High ( Easy Refill Shaker: 2 DIAM. x 4.5 HIGH)